2018 Francis (SRP x Donkey & Goat)


2018 Francis (SRP x Donkey & Goat)

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2018 Francis, Eldorado, CA

Vineyards: Dry farmed, organic

Winemaking: In 2018 I traded 1000lbs of Pinot Noir for 1000lbs of Mourvèdre from one of Donkey and Goat’s vineyards in the Serra Foothills of California. Fruit went through 14 days of Carbonic, and after was destemed and punched down for 5 days. Wine was pressed and moved to one neutral barrel for 11 months, where it was then racked to stainless steel for two months and bottled by hand with a small SO2 addition.

Aroma / Taste: Completely beguiling. Blackberries combine with dried cannabis, musk-driven perfume and pink peppercorns to create a compleyely unique one-off wine. A true co-lab, the wine presents as something from both famed Berkley-based winery Donkey and Goat + the lighter, floral styles often associated with the St. Reginald wines.